Bathroom sinks: types, selection and installation

13.03.2023, 19:18

The choice of a bathroom sink depends on various factors. It is important to take into account not only the style direction of the room, but also its dimensions. Modern manufacturers offer very practical and optimal options for small bathrooms, so you can always properly design a bathroom.

In plumbing stores you can find not only compact, stylish sinks, but also shower enclosures. Shower cabins are very practical and convenient products that are gaining popularity on the market every day. To purchase offset quadrant shower enclosures, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the proposed models. You can also always order individual projects. You can order shower cabins, sinks for individual requirements, as well as buy plumbing on the at any time.

Varieties of shells

Sanitary appliances such as sinks differ in material, structural features, functionality and design. According to the type of construction, there are sinks:

  • invoices;
  • embedded;
  • suspended;
  • invoices, etc.

The shells also differ in the method of attachment. Embedded models partially or fully cut into the surface of the wall base. Such models have large dimensions, so they are mainly installed in spacious bathrooms. Built-in sinks are not for small bathrooms. Overhead models are more expensive and they are usually installed on top of the horizontal base. If we are talking about suspended models, it is necessary to think about the presence of a bracket with which they are attached to the wall. Such sinks can be properly installed in small bathrooms. The space under such sinks remains free and can be used for other tasks.

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